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Term : October 2020 Edition 


Date : October 1st, 2020


Company Updates 


         We all have been dealing with  Covid-19 throughout 2020, and come October, it’ll impact trick or treating. If you’re attending or planning a trick-or-treat event in your neighborhood, make sure you follow these safety tips to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.

  • Avoid crowds

  • Limit high-touch surfaces

  • Pack lots of sanitizer & cleaning wipes

  • Hand out goodies instead of letting children grab them

  • Incorporate your mask into your costume

     Although it’s frustrating to have to wear a mouth mask.. This is a holiday where you’re allowed to dress up however you want, it is still important to cover your face and protect other people.

Instead of letting the mask ruin your costume, embrace it! Many superheroes and movie villains wear masks, so find a way to make it a focal point of your costume.


  • The passing of our Founder Jack Harold Smith.

  • Our Covid-19 response for the Trick or Treat Season.

  • West–Mark successfully passed the interim ISO 9001 audit! 

  • This has been the year of Cooperative Purchasing Contracts for West-Mark! Check out our new contracts on our website!


           West–Mark successfully passed the interim ISO 9001 audit!  I would like to congratulate and thank all West-Mark team members without their help and participation, we would not have achieved this. 

The corrective action plan presented by West-Mark to address the nonconformance has also been accepted by the certifying agency.

We will have to continue the good work and follow our policies and procedures.  We have this year to implement the corrective action and effectiveness of the implementation will be reviewed in audit to be held in July 2021 next year.

supply / Contracts

This has been the year of Cooperative Purchasing Contracts for West-Mark as we are excited to announce the awards of:



Emely Martinzez

Human Resources

"A strong and positive attitude creates more miracles than any other thing because life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it.”


Berinder Singh

Quality Manager

“To achieve continuous improvement in a challenging environment, in this race for quality, there is no finish line.”


Otilio Guillen

Team Lead Line 3

A team member since 2004, Otilio has been a lead on several stations in our manufacturing plant. He is a TRUE leader and members always come to him for advice. Thanks Otilio! 

Jack Harold Smith

July 15th, 1925 –

Aug 24th ,2020


    Jack passed away peacefully at home with family his side on august 24, 2020 at the age of 95. He is preceded in death by his beloved wife Ellen Rose Growden Smith.

Jack Smith opened a tank repair shop in 1967. They repaired all types of tankers and sold other manufacturers’ new tankers. Soon they started building their own tanks and took the name West-Mark. In 1969 they purchased land in Ceres, CA, which remains the headquarters to this date. The company grew and expanded to a new manufacturing plant in Atwater, CA, and added repair shops in Bakersfield, CA, and Fairbanks, AK, in 2000. West-Mark is now a major manufacturer of all types of stainless-steel & aluminum tankers and equipment. It has grown to well over 200 employees!

Jack was admired and respected by all in the industry for his honesty, straight-forwardness, and integrity. He will be sorely missed by the; family, friends, community, and Industry he leaves behind.

God bless Jack Harold Smith.

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Roadside 6700 GAL

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6,700 Gallons

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