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10-Axle -Train Belly Dump

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2022 Ranco 10 Axle Bottom Dump Trailer Train

Lead: NEW 2022 LW21-40-3 3-Axle Bottom Dump Trailer
NEW RANCO LW21-40-3 3-Axle Single Gate Bottom Dump, 40′ Length, 102″ Wide, 21 Yard Capacity plus Side Boards, AR250 Hopper Construction, 18″ Wings, 12″ Aluminum Side Boards, Lower Hopper Extensions, Gate Side Seals, 8″ Gate Cylinders, Quick Exhaust Valves, Gate Pin Settings, Versa Gate Control Valve, 60 Gallon Air Reservoir, Reyco-88 Spring Suspension, (6) 385/65R22.5 Radial Tires, (6) 12.25 x 24.5 10-Hole Steel Disc Wheels, Rubber Bushed Oscillating Kingpin, Front & Rear Fenders, Front Fender Flap, Drop Legs, Bolt-On Windrow Deflector, Plumbed to pull a Pup, Bolt-On Push Block.

Pup: 14-24-4P – 4-Axle Bottom Dump Pup Trailer
NEW 2022 RANCO 4-Axle Bottom Dump Pup, Model 14-24-4P, 24′ Length, 102″ Wide, Spring Suspension, 385/65R22.5 Radial Tires on 10-Hole Aluminum Wheels, Bolt-On Windrow Deflector, 14 Yard Capacity plus Side Boards, 12″ Aluminum Side Boards, 18″ Wings, Bolt on Front & Rear Fenders, Bolt on Front & Rear Shed Plates, Versa Gate Control Valve, Oiler & Filter, Gate Pin Equalizers, 6″ Gate Rams w/Quick Release Valves, Turntable Dolly, Hinged Tongue, Bolt-On Push Block.

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