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40 Ton MGA Ag Trailer

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ALPHA HD 40 Ton Mechanical neck with Aluminum Pullouts
AMG-P 10′ Mechanical Detachable
49″ 5th Wheel Height
15″ King Pin
85″ Swing Clearance
2 Bent D-Rings Per Side
Lighning holes each side Platform
2 Position Neck Connection Plate(49″/51″)
Stainless Steel Mudflaps
Toolbox in Back of Neck with Door & Light
Air Assist Gooseneck Support Arm
9′ Long
40″ Loaded Deck Height
Full Width Decking
1 Pair Flag Holders
1 pair Stake Pockets in Tail Channel
2 pair of chain slots mid platform
1 pair pan d-ring at rear
Frame Reinforcement for Flip Axle
2’x2′ Cutout in Front Transition 29′ Length
12″ Fabricated I-Beams
18″ Loaded Deck Height
6″ Ground Clearance
Cross Members On 18″ Centers
8 Pan D-Rings per Side
8 Bent D-Rings per Side
Chain Slots on 36″ Centers each side
1 1/8″ Apitong Flush Decking-Full Width
Front Ramps tapered to 4″ W/Traction Bars
Aluminum Pullout Outiggers for 13′ OAW
Steel Outrigger In Front Deck Ramp
5,000# Rating per Aluminum Extrusion at Max Extension
2 – 25,000 lb Axles pullout clearance lights, 3 position connecor, tool box, pullout clearance lights, airwiegh scales aluminum wheels
54″ Axle Spacing
Ridewell Suspension
16 1/2″ x 7″ Drum Brakes
Spring Brakes on Both Axles
Raise & Lower Valve
Manual Ride Height Control
255/70R22.5 Tires
8.25 x 22.5 Steel Wheels

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