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Scrap Frameless End Dump trailers

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Capacity: 89 cu. yds.
Commodity: Transportation of scrap, construction debris
Dump angle: 45 degrees, all 8 tires stay on the ground
Overall Length: 42 ft.
Height: 12 ft 4 in, 105″ side walls
Width: 102 in.
Weight: 22,500 lbs
Hydraulic Dump Hoist: 8″, 5-stage inverted trunnion mount by Custom Hoists. Front-mounted outside of
Suspension: 50,000 lbs Hutch- Single Point Tandem with Oscillating Trunnion Bushing
Body: 1/4″ Hardox 450 Steel (175 Ksi, 450 Brinell Hardness)
Top Rail: 4″ x 4″ x 1/4″ tube with angle
3/16″ Hardox 450 Steel (175 Ksi, 450 Brinell Hardness). Barn Door style with hinges on
the curb side, air operated bottom latch and integrated mud flaps
Front: 3/16″ Hardox 450 Steel (175 Ksi, 450 Brinell Hardness)
Bracing: 1/4″ High strength steel internally stiffened
Axles: Two (2) 30,000 lbs. each axle with automatic slack adjusters and Stemco wheel ends.
Brakes: 16.5″ x 7″ brakes with 2S1M ABS
Landing Gear: One (1) pair of Holland 2-speed landing gear
Upper Coupler: Oscillating fifth wheel plate with Holland King Pin
Draft Arms: 5”x3”x1/4” Rectangular Tube
Tires: Eight (8) 11R x 22.5 16 Ply
Wheels: Eight (8) 8.25 x 22.5 Steel 10 Hole Hub Piloted
Access Ladder: Steel front and rear ladders
Coating: Two coats of polyurethane high-gloss on an epoxy primer (4-6 mils DFT)
Paint Prep: All steel surfaces shotblasted and pre chem wash
Conspicuity tape: 3M Per DOT
Fenders: Rear steel bolt-on
Full Dump Position: Without lifting the front wheels
Lights: Sealed harness and recessed Optronics GloLights LED per DOT and ICC
Mud Flaps Two (2) Anti-sail attached to rear gate
Paint Color: Available in a variety of different colors. Standard paint colors: White, Black, Gray
Option- Wheels: Aluminum
Option- Length: Custom capacity (ex. 40ft long; 100″ sides, 87 cu yds)
Option-Side walls Height 84″-105″ side walls (65-99 cu yds)
Option- Frame: Quarter frame
Option Tarp: Cramaro electric or manual options
Option- Fenders: Aluminum or steel front fenders

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