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All customers have access to their rep during business hours, or an emergency line at (800) 692-5844 any other time. We are here when you need us.


Emails, phone calls and texts will be returned within one business day.

International – (800) 692-5844
Local – (209) 537-4747

To expedite and efficiently PROCESS A POTENTIAL WARRANTY CLAIM:

  • Provide West-Mark with all the necessary information to initiate the process.  Pictures and explanation of the defect will help expedite the approval process.  Once approved a warranty authorization number will be provided.
  • If a diagnosis has been performed, please provide West-Mark with a repair estimate (in the cases where your shop is incurring expenses to correct the problem). West-Mark will provide you with a purchase order. NOTE: Do not begin repairs prior to receiving a the Warranty Approval Number from West-Mark. In the case of purchased components (vents, valves, oil seals, etc.), always save the defective component, and pictures.
  • Avoid paying directly for parts or labor expenses. Pre-authorization of all expenditures is required. West-Mark typically has most vendor components in stock or can drop ship them by overnight service to your desired location.
  • When sending West-Mark an invoice for the repairs, please include the trailer(s) VIN number and the Warranty Approval Number. This way we can pay it promptly.


  • Vendor components: (vents, valves, suspensions, etc.) For these items, we pass on the vendor’s standard warranty. Depending on the item, it may range from 1-5 year warranty period.
  • West-Mark manufactured Items:  See your sales contract documents for applicable warranty terms for your products.

Your One Source Solution

Established in 1967. West-Mark has become the one source solution for all of your transportation needs, from liquid transport to heavy haul. Our top of the line engineers and production staff can design and work with all of your custom needs.   We are quality for:

•  Agriculture
•  Construction
•  Food & Beverage
•  Industry
•  Liquid Waste
•  Petroleum & Energy
•  Potable Water