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1,500-2,000 Gallons


Carbon Steel


Non-Potable Water

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2,000 Gallon Non-Potable Water Truck (WATER2ATTC)

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Keep dust at bay utilizing West-Mark’s WATER2ATTC. This versatile carbon steel dust control truck keeps particulates off critical equipment and supplies. Various additions and enhancements available.

Key Features and Enhancements:
Chassis: Conventional 2 door cab
(various brands)
Front Axle: Various ratings/ front drive available
Rear Axle: Single w/ various ratings
Suspension: Spring; w/ air upon request
Engine: Various HP and torque ratings
Transmission: Various manual and automatic
Fuel Capacity: 50 Gal w/ larger sizes available
Tires: Highway or mud and snow available
Tank Size: 1500 – 2000 Gallons
Tank Shape: Oval or rectangular oval
Tanks Material: 3/16’’ carbon steel w/ 1/4’’ option
Baffles: Many options available
Manhole: 24’’ open top std (many options available)
Ladder: Various styles and locations available
Lights and Wiring: LED per DOT specifications
Fenders: Various configurations available
Water Pump: PTO, hydraulic or pony driven
Pump Performance: 350 to 1250 gpm
Rear Bumper: Various styles available
Hose Reel: Available in air, spring or electric rewind
Monitor: Available in various locations
Rear Spray bar with multiple discharges available
Front Spray bar with multiple discharges available
Side sprays available with manual or electric pivot
Suction hose storage and suction hoses available
Various cabinets in multiple configurations available


The following equipment shall be a new dust control tank truck.

PRODUCT: Non-potable water.

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 8.35 lbs./gallon.




INTENDED AREA OF OPERATION: Specify _______________________________.

INTENDED USE: Highway and Unimproved roads.


New Freightliner model M2 106 conventional cab, 2-door chassis:

BRAKES:                 Air type

DRIVE:                    4 X 2

GVWR:                    33,000 lbs

Front Axle:                    12,000 lbs Capacity

Rear Axle:                     21,000 lbs Capacity, Spring Suspension

Engine:                   Cummins ISB 250 HP and 660 lb/ft torque

Transmission:          Allison 3500 RDS automatic

  • Cab color to be White
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Maintenance free batteries
  • Remote mounted positive & negative posts for jumpstart
  • Vertical tailpipe mounted at RH side
  • Coolant rated to -34F
  • Engine block heater
  • Quick disconnect fitting with tire inflation kit.
  • Front tow hooks, eye(s), or pin (application varies based GVWR)
  • LH and RH grab handles
  • Air horn
  • Electric horn(s)
  • Daytime running lights
  • LH and RH convex mirrors mounted under primary mirrors
  • Heater, defroster, and air conditioner
  • One (1) each 12V power supply in dash
  • Speedometer/Odometer capable of displaying in both miles and kilometer, with trip and hour meter.
  • Adjustable tilt and telescoping steering column
  • Back-up alarm
  • AM/FM/WB radio with Bluetooth and Auxiliary inputs
  • Cab suspension – Air Ride
  • Air driver and fixed passenger seats
  • Heated mirrors (flat and convex)
  • Heated fuel/water separator
  • Mud and snow tires on rear axle(s)
  • Steel wheels
  • Towing extended/roadside service warranty, 1 year/unlimited miles/km, $550 cap (U.S. Domestic only)


  • 2,000 Gallon Non-Potable water painted steel tank.
  • Heads, 3/16″ A36
  • Baffle(s) 3/16″ A36.
  • Baffle(s), Longitudinal 3/16″ A36
  • U-shaped subframe.
  • Doubler plate, 3/16″ A36
  • Rubber pads between tank and frame.
  • Tank Mounts, four (4).
  • Manway, 24″ circular
  • Vortex Breaker, plate w/ screen
  • Hydrant Fill, 2.5″ w/ swivel swing spout
  • Sight Gauge(s), two (2); one at rear and one at front w/ shut-offs.
  • Ladder, one (1) rear mounted w/ handrails.
  • Fenders, two (2) bonnet style tandem axle.
  • Walkway, non-skid top of tank.
  • Light Kit, D.O.T. L.E.D.
  • Conspicuity tape, D.O.T.
  • Mud flaps, rear mounted.
  • Paint, tank to be WHITE to match cab.
  • Pump, water 750 gpm rated.
  • PTO, air shift
  • Driveline, 1000 series PTO shaft
  • Controls, PTO Cab mounted.
  • Pump plumbing, carbon steel.
  • All plumbing components welded with groove couplers.
  • Distribution manifold.
  • Air valves for spray heads cab controlled
  • Front Sprayers, two (2) with adjustable fan heads.
  • Rear Sprayers, two (2) with adjustable fan heads.
  • Side spray left hand side, duck bill with manual up/down operation
  • Discharge, 1.5″ ball valve driver’s side.
  • Control Switches, cab mounted.
  • Rear in-frame storage area with lid.
  • Bumper, rear per D.O.T.
  • Paint, frame and plumbing components painted BLACK.
  • Low point drains installed in all plumbing.

Warranty, unit shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) year.

FOB: Phoenix, AZ

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