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Non-Potable Water


2,000 gal.-3,750 gal.

Tank Material

316 Stainless Steel

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407 Single Axle Tank Trailer

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(DOT 407)
Low-pressure Bulk Liquid Cargo Tank
DOT 407 – Pressure – up to 40 psi @70°F
Horseshoe-shaped cross-section
Flat or slightly rounded ends
Stainless steel is primary material of construction
May be insulated. Insulation may hide tank shape – may not appear to be horseshoe-shaped
Manway usually center (top) of tank
Discharge valves usually center (bottom) of tank
If multi-compartmented, will have a separate manhole for each compartment
Emergency shutoff – drivers side front
Rollover protection to prevent manholes from opening up on rollover, normally center of tank top
Average maximum capacity – 6,000 gallons

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