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DISCLAIMER: Price quoted does not include any freight or delivery charges. Specifications are believed to be correct but may contain errors and/or omissions. Pictures are representative and may not be identical. Description and Images © West-Mark

Articulated Dump Truck (ARTDUMPTRK)

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West-Mark articulated haulers are built to suit specific off highway only applications. With a wide variety of options and customization we build these units to get the job done.


The following equipment shall be a new Articulated Dump Truck.


New 2019 VOLVO Articulated Dump Truck, Model A-25:

  • Tier 3 Diesel Engine (Export only: High Sulfur Diesel fuel)
  • Volvo Engine Brake
  • High engine idle speed
  • Automatic Transmission, 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears
  • Frame, box style
  • Rotating hitch (steering frame)
  • Font Axle, gas-hydraulic struts
  • Rear Axles, straddle mounted bogie beams
  • Rear mudflaps, front of Bogie
  • Hydro Mechanical Steering
  • Heavy duty axle housings
  • Transversal differential locks
  • Automatic traction control
  • Braking system, fully hydraulic multiple disc brakes on all wheels
  • Load/ Dump braking system
  • Tires, six (6) each, 23.5 XADN Michelin 185B E3 Tires
  • Wheels 5 pc. for 23.5-25 tires
  • Engine block heater
  • Fuel heater
  • Remote oil drain connection with supplied hose
  • Fast fueling system
  • Heavy Duty air filter
  • Engine stop delay
  • Engine idle shut-down
  • Universal key with battery disconnect switch
  • Rear fender mounted work lights
  • Front roof mounted work lights
  • Amber LED rotating warning beacon
  • Cab interior, extra arm rest
  • Automatic Climate Control system
  • Brake retarder pedal
  • Radio with Bluetooth/ USB/ Aux.
  • Hill start assist
  • Downhill cruise control
  • Back up alarm
  • Rear view camera system, with color monitor
  • Rearview mirrors, electrically adjustable and heated
  • Tool kit
  • Safety kit
  • Transport Rust protection R2
  • CareTrack connectivity (4yr subscription)
  • CareTrack Satellite/ De-activate Sat
  • Lifetime Frame Guarantee


Standard Dump body for 25-ton Articulated Tractor

  • Dump body, HB-400 steel
  • Dump body plate thickness (in), front 0.24”, sides 0.39”, bottom 0.55”, Chute 0.55”
  • Load capacity, 16.2 yards (struck), 20.8 yards (heaped)
  • Overhung scissor tailgate
  • Auto lube system for tailgate
  • Extra front spill guard, foldable
  • Double acting single stage hoist cylinders
  • 72° dump angle
  • Adjustable dump angle and detent body lowering functions
  • Tipping time with load 12 seconds
  • Lowering time 10 seconds
  • On Board load weighing system
  • Rear tow hitch


  • Two (2) operation and maintenance manual(s) in paper format and one (1) on CD ROM complete with:

– Operator & Maintenance Manual

– Calibration Chart (if Applicable)

– Equipment Parts List

  • Government data plate with contract information, if required by contract.
  • UID (Unique Identification) plate installed, if required by contract.
  • Testing and QC, internal final Inspection performed prior to, and in preparation of an Inspection.

Any and all Brand Name parts mentioned in specifications above are subject to substitution of an equal part that is of a different brand. Other substitutions may also be made if said substitution does not affect the intended function of the vehicle’s mission and is equivalent or an upgrade as determined by West-Mark. All specified dimensions are nominal and may vary slightly.

Warranty, unit shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for ONE (1) year per warranty requirements set forth in FED STD 807.6.5, FED STD 794.6.3, FED STD 307 (as applicable).





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