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Cargo Trailer (CARGOTLR)

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  • FRAME: Heavy-duty channel design
  • AXLE: 2,500 lb., Rubber Torsion
  • WHEEL ENDS: 8 studs on a 6.5 bolt pattern
  • DOLLY JACK: 1,000 lbs. Maximum/cap
  • BRAKE SYSTEM: Electric
  • PARKING BRAKE: Manual cable-operated
  • HITCH: 3 Position Lunette eye
  • SAFETY CHAIN: Two (2) each
  • LIGHTING: L.E.D. per D.O.T.
  • ELECTRICAL PLUG: 7-way RV type
  • PAINT: Single-color acrylic urethane
  • WHEELS: 16.5 x 8.25 steel
  • TIRES: 37 x 12.5R – 16.5


  • Cargo box
  • Flat deck
  • Black-out lighting
  • Cargo topper
  • Rear doors
  • Side doors
  • Windows
  • Shelves
  • Slide out trays
  • Fold down bench
  • Sleeping bunk
  • Interior lighting
  • 7-way commercial Elect plug
  • C.A.R.C. paint
  • Custom colors and camouflage
  • F.O.B. Destination


  • INTENDED AREA OF OPERATION: Specify _______________________.
  • INTENDED USE: 50% paved roads/ 40% sandy roads and trails/ 10% off-road


  • Frame, heavy-duty channel.
  • Axle, with electric brakes One (1).
  • Wheel Ends, two (2) each greased bearings, 8 lug.
  • Spring, rubber torsion enclosed in axle beam.
  • Dolly Jack, heavy-duty retractable.
  • Brake System: electric brakes for a single-axle trailer.
  • Break-Away Kit: This electric brake kit consists of a break-away switch, a trickle charger, and a battery with a box.
  • Parking Brake, manual cable.
  • Wheels, two (2)
  • Wheels remain the Factory color as per the manufacturer’s standard.
  • Tires, two (2).
  • Hitch, one (1) Lunette eye with 3 position adjustability.
  • Safety Chain, two (2) safety chains with hooks.


  • Rear Lighting, L.E.D. per D.O.T.
  • Reflectors, per D.O.T. specifications.
  • Electrical Plug, seven-way male RV type.
  • Paint Subframe, all carbon steel undercarriage components.
  • Safety Decals, appropriate decals for safe operation.
  • One (1) Operation and maintenance manual(s) in paper format and one (1) on CD-ROM complete with:

– Operator & maintenance manual

– Calibration chart (if applicable)

– Equipment parts list

– Misc. vendor literature/manuals

  • Road test, vehicle shall be tested by factory.

Any and all Brand Name parts mentioned in specifications above are subject to substitution of an equal part that is of a different brand. Other substitutions may also be made if said substitution does not affect the intended function of the vehicle’s mission and is equivalent or an upgrade as determined by West-Mark. All specified dimensions are nominal and may vary slightly.

F.O.B.: West-Mark (CAGE: 880W5)

581 Industry Way

Atwater, CA 95301. (F.O.B. destination available as an option upon request.)

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