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Live Fish Trailer

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Tandem Axle Fish Tank Trailer (FISHTLR-TA)

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Haul and unload live fish with West-Mark’s FISHTRL-TA. This trailer is designed in collaboration with hatchery managers and marine biologist to meet the needs of our customers.



The following equipment shall be a new West-Mark tandem-axle semi fish trailer.

OVERALL LENGTH: Approximately twenty-two feet six inches (22′ 6″).

PRODUCT: Live fish.

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 8.7 lbs./gallon.



VACUUM RATING: None (0 in./Hg).


INTENDED AREA OF OPERATION: Specify _______________________________.

INTENDED USE: Highway only.


  • Tractor, customer supplied.


  • Barrel, 3500 gallons T-304 stainless steel 12GA oval, straight.
  • Head(s), stainless steel 10GA, dished and flanged.
  • Baffle(s), two (2) 10GA stainless steel, dished and flanged.
  • Capacity does not include head outage.
  • Rings, stainless steel channel sections, fully welded to shell (if required).
  • Wings and Bolsters, Stainless Steel.
  • Side Filler, Stainless steel.
  • Weld Finish, interior to be W-2 with all longitudinal seams to be W-3. Exterior weld finish to be W-0.
  • Top Opening Hatch, one (1) stainless steel full opening
  • Venting, one (1) with shutoff ball assembly and hood located at top of tank.
  • Insulation, Polystyrene foam sheets, fiberglass at heads, ring tape at all rings.
  • Jacketing, belly wrapped stainless steel with lapped seams.
  • Jacket Heads, stainless steel, lock seamed to jacket.
  • Sight Tube(s), two (2) glass.


  • Walkway, aluminum gripstrut top of tank from driver side of hatch extending outward.
  • Ladder, one (1) aluminum multi-purpose rails to extend above walkway. Access steps off rear bumper.


  • Electrical System 12-volt, 7-way, and vapor proof. Lamps to be L.E.D. and meet all D.O.T. requirements

– Four (4) stop/tail/turn lights in 2-hole, stainless steel boxes; 2 red each side.

– One (1) red 3-light I.D. at rear

– One (1) amber turn/marker light @ center of unit (prox.) each side if required by DOT.

– One (1) amber marker light each side of unit at front.

– One (1) red marker light each side of unit at rear.

  • Security Rings / Mount Covers- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Reflectors, per D.O.T.
  • Conspicuity Striping, per D.O.T.
  • Front Receptacle, 7-way nosebox w/ 15 amp circuit breakers.


  • Rear Outlet, stainless steel
  • Reducing Adapter, one (1) with cap
  • Drain Valves, two (2) ball valves, one at each side of outlet valve.
  • Aeration, six (6) clamp style top port aerators with gaskets to prevent leaking while loading fish.
  • Diffusers, four (4) low profile ceramic.
  • Diffuser Protectors, two (2) stainless steel pipes full length, directly over diffusers.
  • Oxygen Controls, stainless steel panel located at roadside front of tank above the control box positioned at a 45o angle toward the truck cabs roadside mirror with (4) 7 oxygen flow control valves and stainless steel braided line from valves to a single stainless steel supply pipe from bottle rack and to pipe fittings at the front head. Synflex lines inside tank strapped to diffuser protectors to the oxygen diffusers. Three (3) oxygen regulators with stainless steel braided lined to supply pipe with one-way check valves in each line.
  • Bottle Rack, carbon steel fabricated horizontal.
  • Battery, three (3) in box and wired to truck’s battery with isolator and power plug.


  • Apron, stainless steel splash pan.
  • Kick Plate, stainless steel.
  • King Pin Plate, adjustable carbon steel upper coupler set at a 48″ ride height.
  • Wear Pad- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Landing Gear Subframe, stainless steel.
  • Landing Leg Supports, stainless steel pipe style.
  • Landing gear, aluminum, 2-speed, with steel sand shoes.
  • Rear Subframe, stainless steel for a tandem axle suspension.
  • Suspension, two (2) 23K min, air ride, w/ shock absorbers
  • Axles, two (2) 23K min 71-1/2″ track, with HUB piloted mounting.
  • Brake Drums, manufacture chambers w/ auto slacks, tone rings for abs.
  • Dust Shields, Brakes- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Outer Wheel(s), four (4) aluminum machined.
  • Inner Wheel(s), four (4) aluminum machined.
  • Tire(s), eight (8) commercial grade radial.
  • Height Control, one (1) valve.
  • Dump Valve, manual
  • Tire Management System- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Bumper, stainless steel non-code.
  • Brake System, to D.O.T. specifications, with roll stability and ABS malfunction/ operation light.
  • Front Fenders, aluminum contour.
  • Fender Pipe Mounting, stainless steel with U-bolts and under straps.
  • Mudflaps, WHITE poly, anti-spray type.
  • Rear Fenders, aluminum contour.
  • Fender Pipe Mounting, stainless steel with U-bolts and under straps.
  • Mudflaps, WHITE, poly, anti-spray type.


  • Tool Boxes, one (1) aluminum single drop down door with stainless steel hardware and lockable latch.
  • Paint, (specify color) all carbon steel fabricated parts.
  • One (1) Operation and maintenance manual(s) in paper format and one (1) on CD-ROM complete with:

– Operator & maintenance manual

– Calibration chart (if applicable)

– Equipment parts list

– Misc. vendor literature / manuals

  • Theoretical calibration chart shall be supplied
  • Vehicle Data Plate(GSA): None.
  • Testing and QC, internal final Inspection performed prior to, and in preparation of an Inspection.
  • Vehicle shall be road tested.

Any and all Brand Name parts mentioned in specifications above are subject to substitution of an equal part that is of a different brand. Other substitutions may also be made if said substitution does not affect the intended function of the vehicle’s mission and is equivalent or an upgrade as determined by West-Mark. All specified dimensions are nominal and may vary slightly.

Warranty, unit shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) year.


West-Mark (CAGE: 880W5)

581 Industry Way

Atwater, CA 95301. (F.O.B. destination available as option upon request.)


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