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1,000-2,800 Gallons


Stainless/Carbon Steel or Aluminum

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Equipment Refueler (FUELTT-EQ2)

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Refuel military appliances with West-Mark’s FUELTT-EQ2. This conventional equipment refueler can be utilized off-road or on highway, to quickly and safely fuel machinery paramount to defense operations.


The following equipment shall be a new West-Mark Non-Spec Refueler tank truck.

PRODUCT: Diesel Fuel.




INTENDED AREA OF OPERATION: Specify _______________________________.

INTENDED USE: Highway only.


New Freightliner model M2 106 conventional cab, 2-door chassis with air brakes:

DRIVE:                    4 X 2

GVWR:                    26,000 lbs

Font Axle:                     10,000 lbs Capacity

Rear Axle:                     16,000 lbs Capacity, Spring Suspension

Engine:                  Cummins ISB 250 HP and 660 lb/ft torque

Transmission:         Allison 3500 RDS automatic

  • Highway tread tires
  • Steel wheels
  • Cab color to be White
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Maintenance free batteries
  • Remote mounted positive & negative posts for jumpstart
  • Vertical tailpipe mounted at RH side
  • Coolant rated to -34F
  • Engine block heater
  • Quick disconnect fitting with tire inflation kit.
  • Front tow hooks, eye(s), or pin (application varies based GVWR)
  • LH and RH grab handles
  • Air horn
  • Electric horn(s)
  • Daytime running lights
  • LH and RH convex mirrors mounted under primary mirrors
  • Heater, defroster, and air conditioner
  • One (1) each 12V power supply in dash
  • Speedometer/Odometer capable of displaying in both miles and kilometer, with trip and hour meter.
  • Outside temperature gauge
  • Adjustable tilt and telescoping steering column
  • Back-up alarm
  • AM/FM/WB radio with Bluetooth and Auxiliary inputs
  • Air suspension driver’s seat and fixed 2-passenger seat with storage compartment
  • Heated mirrors (flat and convex)
  • Heated fuel/water separator
  • Ashtray shall be removed or rendered inoperable and a “NO SMOKING” sign shall be installed in the cab.


  • Barrel, 1200 Gallons aluminum .219″ oval, straight.
  • Additional 3% gallons (minimum) for outage.
  • Head(s), .250″ 5454-O aluminum. dished and flanged.
  • Baffle(s), one (1) .250″ 5454-O aluminum, dished and flanged.
  • Wings, Bolsters, and Z-Rail, Aluminum.
  • Tank Mounting, Heavy Duty spring loaded.
  • Weld Finish, interior to be W-0.Exterior weld finish to be W-1.
  • Manhole(s), one (1)20″ w/ 10″ fill, pressure actuated emergency venting
  • Cap, aluminum for overfill sensor port.
  • Venting, one (1) with aluminum hood located in manhole cover, vent to atmosphere.
  • Brake Interlock, valve(s) to set parking brake at:

– One (1) Bottom loading adapter connection(s).

  • Interlock shall be configured so that parking brake must be set for the PTO to engage.


  • Spilldam, aluminum dome rail sides with drains.
  • Walkway, Non-skid tape in spilldam area.
  • Ladder, one (1) with grated steps shall be installed on the curbside of the rear pump canopy.
  • Non-Skid Tape for safe access to top of tank.


  • Lights, L.E.D. per D.O.T. on body
  • Reflectors, per D.O.T.
  • Conspicuity Striping, per D.O.T.


  • Sump(s), one (1) each.
  • Internal Valve, one (1) aluminum with high level shut off and pre-check valve and gauge.
  • Air operated emergency valve switch with fusible shutoff(s).
  • Bottom Loading, one (1) single point adapter with aluminum plumbing and butterfly valve.
  • Gravity Discharge- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Top Loading- No top loading abilities supplied. (Available as option upon request)
  • Rear Pumping Station, one (1) heavy duty aluminum canopy style pump platform.
  • Enclosure Kit- None. (An enclosure kit for rear canopy is available as option upon


  • Plumbing, aluminum with low point drains installed.  Victaulic couplings and flexible approved fuel hose used when necessary.
  • Hose Reel(s), one (1) air rewind with roller guides and auxiliary crank rewind.
  • Plumbing to reel shall have in-line shut-off valve. Flexible approved hose and Victaulic fittings used as needed.
  • Fuel Delivery Hose(s), one (1) 3/4″ x 50 ft.
  • Nozzle(s), one (1) 3/4″ for fuel with GREEN boot and automatic shut-off.
  • Direct drive PTO w/ provisions to protect the PTO from overspeed.
  • A drive line shall be connected from the PTO to the pump.
  • Pump(s), one (1) with bypass relief valve rated at 30 GPM (minimum)
  • Flow Diagram, plumbing diagram / operation chart mounted on unit.


  • Bumper, carbon steel.
  • Rear Fenders, aluminum contour.
  • Mudflaps, black rubber.


  • Static Reel(s), one (1) spring rewind with 50′ of cable and clamp.
  • One (1) 20 lb. ABC fire extinguishers shall be provided.
  • The word “FLAMMABLE” applied to the rear and each side of vehicle tank.
  • The words “NO SMOKING WITHIN 50 FEET” applied to the rear and each side of vehicle tank.
  • Product designation (i.e. “GASOLINE”, “DIESEL”, etc.) applied to rear and each side of vehicle tank.
  • Emergency switches shall be clearly marked “EMERGENCY FUEL SHUTOFF” in 2″ lettering.
  • Operation decals indicated by a clearly visible arrow or by the word “PUSH” or “PULL” as appropriate.
  • Placards, four (4) vinyl.
  • Paint, on all carbon steel fabricated parts.
  • One (1) operation and maintenance manual(s) in paper format and one (1) on CD ROM complete with:

– Operator & Maintenance Manual

– Calibration Chart (if Applicable)

– Equipment Parts List

– Misc. Vendor Literature / Manuals

– One (1) Set(s) manuals in PAPER format.

  • Theoretical calibration chart shall be supplied
  • Vehicle shall be road tested

Any and all Brand Name parts mentioned in specifications above are subject to substitution of an equal part that is of a different brand. Other substitutions may also be made if said substitution does not affect the intended function of the vehicle’s mission and is equivalent or an upgrade as determined by West-Mark. All specified dimensions are nominal and may vary slightly.


West-Mark (CAGE: 880W5)

581 Industry Way

Atwater, CA 95301. (F.O.B. destination available as an option upon request.)

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