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2,500-10,000 Gallons


Stainless Steel or Aluminum

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Equipment Refuelers (3-Axle) (FUELTT-EQ3)

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Refuel military appliances with West-Mark’s FUELTT-EQ3. This conventional equipment refueler can be utilized off-road or on highway, to quickly and safely fuel machinery paramount to defense operations.

Key Features and Enhancements:
● Aluminum or Stainless Steel Tank
● D.O.T. 406 or Non-spec Tank
● 2,500 – 10,000 Gallons
● 20’’ Manhole with Surge Compression Venting
● 40 – 600 GMP Pumping System
● Rear or Side Mounted Pumping Station
(Open or Closed)
● Full Length Dome Rails
● D.O.T. Approved Lighting
● Multi-Compartment
● Over Wing & Under Wing Refueling
● Defueling ● Bottom Loading ● Top Fill
● Spill Kit
● Load Monitoring System
● Solar Battery Charge
● Hydraulic Trailer Brakes
● Filter Systems ● Meters
● Many More Enhancements Available

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