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300 to 600 Gallons


Stainless Steel

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Fuel Bowser (BOWSER-001)

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Perform aircraft and UAV maintenance and refueling in ease with West-Mark’s BOWSER-001. This fuel bowser is paramount to refueling and maintenance operations on piers, at airports, and on-base.


  • Specifications for a tank trailer for the purpose of defueling military fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
  • Vehicle shall be built by a qualified ASME shop using highest quality of workmanship and conforming to good manufacturing practices.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFIED: Diesel fuel.
  • Tank, 300 gallons capacity and elliptical in cross section.
  • Outer tank finish, W-2 and inner tank finish shall be W-0.
  • Manhole, one (1) stainless steel, quick opening, with a single cam latch.
  • Volume Gauge- None. (Available as option upon request)
  • Vent- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Tank Drain- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Outlet Assembly, bottom stainless steel 90 degree elbow with an eccentric reducer to a ball valve .
  • Outlet Fitting, valve ending with aluminum camlock adapter with cap.
  • Telescoping Funnel- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Pumping System- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Trailer Chassis, provided.
  • Front Steer Axle.
  • Rear Axle, w/ parking brakes.
  • Parking Brake Activation, hand lever assembly.
  • Tires and Wheels, Four(4)
  • Spare Tire and Wheel- None. (Available as option upon request)
  • Paint, exposed carbon steel surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned, prepped, and painted white.
  • Tank Product & Volume Decals- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Safety Labels, PLates & Striping- NONE. (Available as an option upon request)
  • Placards- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Instructional Data Plates- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Undercoating- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Rustproofing- None. (Available as option upon request)
  • Government Markings- NONE. (Available as option upon request)
  • Tow ability/ Maneuverability Test, Test shall consist of but not be limited to trailer sway.
  • First Article Testing: NONE.

Any and all Brand Name parts mentioned in specifications above are subject to substitution of an equal part that is of a different Brand.  Other substitutions may also be made if said substitution does not affect the intended function of the vehicle’s mission and is equivalent or an upgrade as determined by West-Mark.

  • Testing and QC, final Inspection performed prior to, and in preparation of a customer/gov inspection.
  • Operation and maintenance manual(s) shall be supplied and shipped with unit; copy(s) shall be complete with the following:

    – Operator & Maintenance Manual    – Calibration Chart (if Applicable).  – Equipment Parts List – Misc. Vendor Literature / Manuals  – Drawings and Schematics  – Test Results / Certifications (if Applicable)

  * One (1) Set(s) of operation and maintenance manual(s) in PAPER format.

West-Mark (CAGE: 880W5)
581 Industry Way
Atwater, CA 95301. (F.O.B. destination available as option upon request.)

• Fully Customizable • Product Specific Design • Complete Full Renderings
• Premium Build Quality • Top Quality Materials
• Designed for Max. Uptime • Longevity & Durability
• Highest Re-Sale Value • Preferred Performance and Operation

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