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Grapple Truck – Model BDR+24-93-93

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Model: BDR+24-93-93

  • Durable Build: Floor, Front, Sides, and Tailgate – 3/16″
  • 450 Brinell, Long Sills – 3/16″ 250 Brinell
  • Spacious Design: Outside Body Width – 101, Bdr Offset
  • Length – 30
  • Optimal Engineering: Front Design with Recessed 90° Corners, Front Height Including Longsills – 72
  • Sturdy Structure: Longsills Shape – Formed 8, 34 Longsills Outside Width, 27 Longsills Inside Width

Cabshield and Side Features:

  • Enhanced Safety: Cabshield Width – 89
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Bdr Formed Side, Formed Top Rail Section

Lighting and Rear Enhancements:

  • Visibility: Light Holes in Rear Posts – 2 X Oval, Premium Double Light Rear Post Kit (stt/strobe)
  • Added Convenience: Non-Recessed1 Holes on Side of Rear Posts Disaster-Ready: Manual Swing Gate
  • Disaster Relief Body, Bdr Manual Lock Positioning

Hoist and Installation Elements:

  • Efficient Performance: HYVA FC A6.5-4-183-K8-HC Hoist
  • Sturdy Foundation: Installation Parts Include 40 Ton Cradle, Hoist Bracket, Upper Cylinder Blocks, Rear Hinge

Underneath Strength and Paint Finish:

  • Stable Support: Body Prop Mounted on Cradle
  • Universal Mud Guard Kit Brackets
  • Durable Impact Protection: Rubber Bumper (2x)
  • Longsills Reinforcement Brackets

Impeccable Presentation and Features:

  • Sleek Appearance: Painted in Black
  • Ready for Action: Shovel Kit Included
  • The Ultimate Grapple: Rotobec Elite 910 Loader with MT27-Telescopic Boom (27’2”), ‘A’ Stabilizers, Std Yoke, and more!

Equip your operations with the efficiency and power it deserves. The Rotobec Elite 910 Loader with the Model BDR+24-93-93 Grapple Truck delivers unmatched performance, reliability, and versatility. Contact us now to elevate your productivity to new heights!

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